Japanese OKAMA singing really good

About 2 years ago at the intersection og Gion-Shijyo.

I met 2 great singers.

They sang about love.

They kept people on the street completely riveted.

Not only because they were good singers, they embodied how life was beautiful and full of fun.


Every child has a beautiful name Project

Hi this is Hayateru from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

I would like to introduce one project of whom recently stayed at Hiroshima Hana.

Ise-san who recently stayed at Hiroshima Hana is working on one project.

When he checked in, I saw him holding a sketch book, so I thought he was traveling with hitchhiking.
But I saw him holding sketchbook even after checked in, so I asked him about it.

I did not know it had a very heartwarming story at that time. He showed me his sketch book, and I saw lots of names on it.  He told me the reason.  His friend's couple are having a baby soon, so he is trying to help finding the best name of new baby by asking people to write down their name and taking picture.

He took picture of me. I thought of my childhood.

Facebook: beautifulnameproject


2 staff members have left...and new staff members joined Hiroshima hana hostel!

 2 staff members have left ...and new staff members joined Hiroshima hana hostel
We meet many people from all over Japan and all over the world when we work  in our hostel.
I enjoy my discoveries and meetings with new staff and guests. but   it was very hard to say goodbye to them.
2 staff members "Khan (from france) and sayaka (from yamaguchi)" have left here a short time ago...
they worked as a cleaner staff and they helped us when we held a party for our guest.
They made things very easy for us. We really look forward to working together again!

staff in this picture (left side) is Tohi chan .she  started to work as a cleaner a week ago.She had studied in Ghana for 6 month and she told me many interesting things about it.

The other new staff  in this picture (in the center) is Veronika from Italy.she has the ability to speak four languages and she has come to Japan to study Japanese.She is so dependble shice she has experience as a volunteer hostel's staff in New Zealand.

We have a fun party every thursday and enjoy your stay with us and new friendly staff  who has introduced on this blog ^^


.+゚*。:゚+Don't Worry!+゚*。:゚+

Its getting cooler and cooler and becoming more likely Autumn now in Hiroshima.
Konnichiwa from Hiroshima HANA Hostel, its Kana here.

Let me introduce TOILET in Japan this time.
We often asked by guest who is kinda panic and embarrass after they use toilet here.  Most of toilet in Japan is just like other country.


There is a critical difference between Japanese one and other country. That always surprise our guest from oversea.
Which is.... There is a space for washing hand above toilet!

 As being Japanese, I had never thought that it is strange but not for other country people I guess.

They come to us saying that

"I have no idea how to stop the water!! It keep coming out!!"
"How can I stop the water..!?"
"Did I do something wrong??!"

Do not worry..it stops automatically..Some toilet even speak, open the lid automatically, flash it automatically.. WHAT A TECHNOLOGY...

I can tell toilet industry in Japan is improving  a lot..w How could it be better than now..?

So please do not worry if the water keep coming out! But please let us know if the water is coming out from water pipes!!

Convinient sushi

Hi, It's Mana from Hana Hostel!
I am always asked by the guests,

 "How do you make sushi? "

I thought it was better to show, not only explanation.

During my work, i can not go out to get the ingredients or prepare,

So i decided to try to make them by using the ingredients that you can buy at the convenience store!!   Is it possible?

We got those ingredients:) Packed rice,  sheets of dried laver,
cucumber,egg, and canned light tuna.

Rice: cooked by microwave with 3 mins and put vinegar
Tuna: mix with mayonnaise
Cucumber: cut into sticks
egg: make square omelets and  cut into stick shape.

On the seaweed, put rice into square and place all other ingredients on the middle of rice sheet,
then Roll it!! 

I think you can get those ingredients in the Asian market if you have in your home town. Instead of sea weed, you may also use sesame as covering over the sushi roll;)

Japanese convenience store have everything!!