Homecoming Ride

I took a ride to my hometown(Fukuoka). It was for the first time in almost a year.

It took me about 5 hours to get to Kokura from Hiroshima. I was exhausted already in Kokura and it began to rain, so I had a rest and went to Unagi(fresh water eel) restaurant.

I ordered "Seiro mushi". Its similar to Ugagi donburi, but the difference is that Unagi and rice are steamed before served. so I can taste the flavor and aroma of Unagi even I ate only rice. That's really delicious. Definitely recommended! I had that in Kokura, but "Yanagawa" is famous for Ugani in Fukuoka.

I had really relaxing time in my hometown. I met and talked with my family and relatives. I had really profitable time.

On the way back to Hiroshima, I took a express way.

Every 50km, express way set SA(service area) and PA(parking area) .
SA have restaurants and they serve local food by the region.
That's also nice to search local menu @SA and go to try!

Running distance at this ride: 618km
Total Running distance: 2419km

Fuel consumption: not yet calculated
Transit fee(Moji-Hiroshima): 4350 yen

Shoyu-ramen and mentaiko rice @ Mito SA

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