Hiroshima's proud tree

In 1945, an Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima city.
At that time, people were saying that there is no way all the greenery would grow back, in Hiroshima, for at least 75 years.

There is a true story about The Chinese Bottle Tree.
The tree was 1300m away from the epicenter, and seared by the blasts of hot air at the time of the explosion. It had terrible damage so people thought that the tree would never recover.
But the following year, to everyone's surprise, the tree brought forth many leaves, and as green as always.

And I am growing two of the Chinese Bottle Tree seeds in my garden now.
One lady stayed at Hiroshima Hana Hostel the other day and gave me 5 seeds in a lovely package. She is involved in the project to hand Chinese bottle tree seeds to people from all over the world.

I am so proud and excited to grow these seeds!!

They are 2 months old now.

The leaves look HEART shaped :) So pretty!
I would like to hand these tree down through generations with the story of The Chinese Bottle Tree in 1945.
I am really hoping that they will thrive in my garden.

The Chinese Bottle tree is producing offspring and continue telling its story to people who visit the peace memorial park.

There is one more plant which has heart shaped leaves!

The Olive trees!
It has come to fruit, which surprised me as its such a small tree.
It has 7 olives at the moment. I can not wait to harvest them in autumn.

It is so much fun growing plants and see them every day!

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