☆Tanabata party at Kyoto Hana Hostel☆

Hello everyone!!
How are you doing?
It is toooooooo hot and humid in Kyoto since raining season has ended.

We had a Tanabata party on the 7th of July at Kyoto Hana Hostel.
There were 'Somen noddle' and some Japanese rice cake, 'Shiratama Dango', for everybody.

Our great staff who have prepared the feast for the night.
We all wore YUKATA to entertain a circumstance of Japanese summer and, color the party.

Our guests and we had a great time☆

Our partners from J-Hoppers Kyoto ran to the party after work!!

We went to do fireworks at bank of Kamo river after we had a great dinner and drinks.

One of our guest and one of our staff 'drunken monkey' had too much drinks,and got tooooo hot.That is why, they ran into the river to extinguish their fire after this picture...

Thank you very much for everyone who joined the party and made it enjoyable and memorable.
We hope to see you in Kyoto again!!
Whoever could not join us this time, please bring yourself next time!!

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