One nice day

Hello everyone!!
It's a autumn, finally!!
Do you have any plans for this great season?

It is great to go out and see a lot of things during this nice fall weather.

One nice autumn day, our night staff,Naomi, and I went to cycling along the Kamo river.
It was a beautiful day for cycling.
Besides, biking on the bank of Kamo river is my favorite course.

While we were cycling up north, we have found very energetic children.
They were also biking, and competing against each other.
Now that looks closer, they were one of our guests at Kyoto Hana Hostel!!
Long way down, their parents were still cycling toward us.

It is time for us to take a little bit rest.

The youngest boy was oblivious to everything but cycling.

I love her smile ^^

Afterward, Naomi and I cycled toward Kitayama street.
There ware a lot of interesting shops and people on the way up to Kitayama street.
We have explored just one part of Kyoto on that day, and made us want to launch an expedition around Kyoto!!

Couple of days later, I found a gift at Hostel!!
This is from that family!!

Thank you very much for your surprise nice gift^^

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