Kimono experience

Hello everyone!! It's mana from Kyoto Hana Hostel :) In Japan, Spring is the season for starting and ending of School, work and so on. One of my friend Jiulia had just graduated from the Japanese language school this spring and she was going back to Italy. Before she leaves Japan, we went to try Kimono(traditional cloths) together to make a memorable day:)
There are couple of places that you can rental kimono and professional kimono dresser does dress you up perfectly and you can even go for a walk around town!! Isn't it such a exciting experience?

Julia chose purple flowered fabric and purple outer (this is only for winter) , she also got a hair done with the pretty hair accessory. She was so CUTE!

I picked up white kimono and Pink outer wh
ich i have never tried:)

Then we headed to the area where the old narrow streets are one of the characteristic of Kyoto(sightseeing spot).

We enjoyed to take a lot of pictures. Even the other tourists at the area (who we never know) was taking picture of us in Kimono. we were very embarrassed...

* The man between us is Tony(from Switzerland), He is my share-house mate at J-Stay. He always holds party at our place and entertain people:) We are very good friends!!

It was definitely memorable day for us, especially for Jiulia.
I hope she will do the best in Italiy!!

See you again!

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