The power of 'Smile'

Has it been spring yet!?
I cannot believe that it's been this cold even though it is already end of March!!

I'm very concerned about people who have been suffered the earthquake.
What we can see everyday on TV are mostly poignant news.
I am struggling to think what I can do for them now.
It is very difficult to figure out the answer, and not knowing what I can do makes me have a hard time.

He came to Japan to visit his daughter who has been studying abroad in Japan.
I am sure that he was very worried about her since that earthquake.
He said it is his fist visit Kyoto and Japan.
They had a great delightful smile!!

I appreciate all our guests with pleasing smiles.
They give me positive energies, and make me happy.

She came to Japan to attend her daughters graduation ceremony.
However, because of the earthquake, it was cancelled.
Now, they are traveling east Japan.
Great smile brought me a splendid day!!

Because of the time Japan now, I strongly believe that smiles give people energies to move forward!! Also, they give people a lot of happiness.
I want to give our guests such energies and happiness with welcoming them at Hana.

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