How cool she is!!

It is hot and humid in Kyoto everyday.
In this hot weather, we had a really COOOOOOOL guest!

She is traveling all over Japan with this COOOOOOL friend.
It has started from Hokkaido.
She is a musician who is traveling one place to the other for events in Japan.
Meantime, she is promoting cervical cancer prevention. Because of her experience, She hope that many women go to cancer screening tests especially young women.

She and her buddy came from Aichi prefecture today!! They are super COOL!!
I was astonished when I saw them! Very big body of her friend and she is small against it.
Even it is still very hot in Kyoto, they brought COOL air to Kyoto Hana Hostel!!

Please have a safe trip and bring COOL wind to everybody in Japan!!
Wish for your success!!

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