Karaoke night!!

HI, this is mana from Kyoto Hana Hotel!
Do you know the most popular activity that young japanese people like?
That is definately Karaoke!!

I tell you the truth I am a biiiig fun of this such a great machine!
Let me introduce how to karaoke in Japan. That is for ones who will visit to Japan and wants to try this activity:)

They usually charge 300-500yen per hour/per person,plus you have to order at least one drink.
You first choose the type of karaoke machine and sign up for the number of people you are with.
Then the shop staff will give you the room number.
For the room, they sametime have a party room for group prople and family.

In the room, there is one big screen shows the lyrics and big stereo.
It sometime show the music videos of the real artist which you sing at that moment.
This is the "finding music" contoroller. As we type the name of Artist or song, it seaches from more than 50000songs and directly send to the main karaoke machine.
Of course English/Chinese songs are available!! There is a waiting list on the conroller, veery usefull...

This is the food menu in karaoke shop. We order anything from this menu by phone which is connected to the shop staff. They bring our food to the room.

I go there twice a month when the karaoke shop do the "ladies day".
Last week when i went there with my friend, we spend 4hours in the karaoke box.

This is my karaoke mate↓  I could tell she was enjoying the best 0f all us;)

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