Japanese Culture ??

I am a pure Japanese, and live in Japan for 30 years so far.

Even if I'm getting old, sometimes I feel pains without a cause on my back or shoulder, I'm trying to challenge new things and understand chic things.

However hard I tried, in Japan, fashions are coming in and going out as fast as Shinkansen, some oddities are laid off without being digested. Are they cute or attractive ?

Do you know the names of these three guys ?

They are very popular Yuru Chara "flappy mascots of areas". And some of them are often on the news about their copyright, whether it belongs to the author or the organization or its' visual effects.

The right one called Sento-kun "Transfer the Capital Boy" was created for the event of 1300th Anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital but he got rubbished by opinions both Buddhists and the organization ordered to make a mascot because the author grew two antlers as the symbol of Nara on the head of Sento-kun even though SEnto-kun is originally Buddhist image.

The more people had discussed about Sento-kun the higher he had been known and finally he became a star of Yuru Charas.

On the 20th and 21st August Sento-kun and some Yuru Charas from the other prefecture will show up at the stage. He will show you DANCE!

20th Show start at 15:00
21st Show start at 10:30
@Heijo-kyo Capital Area close to Yamatosaidaiji station by Kintetsu Kyoto Line takes 37 minutes from Kyoto station.

Miura Jun is the founder of Yuru Chara. Why don't you study about Yuru Chara ?

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