Night★Safari -Asa Zoo-

It has been crazy hot weather in Hiroshima this summer.
I guess the weather has been really abnormal in many parts of Japan.

I'm trying not to go outside in the day time and I found some very interesting places to spend my time outside in the night time. Especially I have got a brand new single-lens reflex camera!
So I thought....why not to take cool pictures at night!!

This is a Night★Safari in Hiroshima Asa Zoo.

I went there about 18:00.
Asa zoo is located on the mountain so it was much cooler than day time even if the sun is still out.

Don't they look like tired from hot weather??

The babies want to have some fruits!!
But they can not eat the fruits straight way because it's covered by ice!

Tiger was growling and had piercing eyes!
He was so attractive.

There are some cute illuminated ornaments.

Some animals move around in the night time more than in the day.
It was very interesting to watch these animals at a different times than usual! They were very active and looked hungry, walking around sniffing everything. Jumping from trees and making all kinds of noises.

It really was a fun evening!

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