Lunch Box

What kind of lunch box do you have?

A plastic one with a cute Disney's character or a stainless steel one
that have contained sweet memories of childhood ?

A rubber gasket of my black plastic lunch box got black stains, it's not a mold but something came from the lid of the lunch box, it looks like a panda's figure and make me think a part of plastic melting....

Am I eating a plastic ?

A few weeks after I had found the stains my wife gave me a wooden lunch box. It's called Magewappa, a traditional craftwork that has been made for about four hundred years in Odate city (Akita prefecture), which is located at the east end of Shirakami Mountains (World National Heritage), and is also known as one of the most famous cedar growing districts in Japan.

It looks nicer when food contained in Magewappa. Faint aroma of cedar tree perfectly compliments Japanese foods, and arouse your appetite.

Magewappa barely has any topcoat, it cannot be placed in the water for a long time. Don't forget to dry it after use.

In Kyoto you can buy Magewappa in DAIMARU.

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