One day at a water

Summer is not gone yet even the autumn bell insects started singing .
At most of my days off, I go to the mountains and river to be refreshed ,for my mind and body.

Today, I felt like going out from Kyoto..
Where would be nice.
From a story of my friend ,I knew a waterfall in the west side of Biwa lake .

A biggest lake in Japan,lake Biwa
is located in Shiga prefecture . And it is very close to Kyoto.
If you take the JR train , it takes only 15min from Kyoto station to the closest city of Shiga .

We changed the train at Yamashina to the JR Kosei line.
The kosei sen(west lake line ) is one of my favorite train line.
It's worth traveling with this train even just for the window view.
On the right hand side, you see the wide open view of Biwa lake and the figure of smooth eastern mountains and islands.
On the left hand side, the wild mountains and golden rice fields are shining.
This train doesn't go so fast, and that make our time so calm and memorable.

The station we got off was so quiet.
There was one sign and nothing else I could rely on to find the direction (beside my natural sense). We took the path behind of the station.
After 20-30min walking up the hill, the climbing path starts.
The temperature changes so ´Żâlearly from this point.

If you climb little further, there is a small waterfall then a big Female waterfall.
The smooth touch of the current was welcoming me to jump into the water.
Ofcourse, I did not miss to pray to Bishamon god next to the waterfall before the dip.
It's a sacred place.

After the swim, We went up the jungle alike path, rough and steep.

What a magnificent view!
I wonder if the people from old days also saw this view and felt the same as I did.
The waterfall has found long time ago and named by One of the Ashikaga shougun 500years ago.
The nature bring us the sense of awe and that make us to appreciate every moment and everything.

After the view point, we finally reached to the Male waterfall.
This whole water fall consists5 different waterfalls and 75meters high in total length .

Male waterfall was such powerful waterfall ,rough rocks, water rushing down the musculus surface of his body.
In front of this grand waterfall, the feeling of swimming didn't come to me .
The energy I felt was too strong.
so I enjoyed seating at the huge rock and bathed in the cool wind from the waterfall.

When dusk has come, we went down to the lake
The silent fisherman town lost the sense of time .
just sway

I saw a water birds fly over to the eastern mountain.

and I lied on the sand

If the people recall the way of living of those days,,,
it is the time our being was not parting the human from the nature.

There was no word for the nature in ancient time.
Because we were just part of it.

When we would find the real meaning of "losing time"again,
and then, the world would be a different place.

it is just my monologue of the day.


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