Lunch Time at Kyoto Hana

Hello, everyone.
How have you been up to?

The climate of this year has been crazy!!
It is already middle of September,but still gets over 30℃ in Kyoto!!
I am dying because of the heat.

During cleaning hours, we all get tired because of crazy weather.
One day, to burn off this crazy summer heat, our staff had a lunch together.
Our great cook,Yuya, made pizza dough at home and brought it for Pizza Lunch party.
Each of us brought what we want to put on a pizza.

oooooooooooooops!! She got a hole!!

Ready to put toppings now!!

Even we only had one hour break for a lunch, we enjoyed a little pizza lunch party.

This is yummy!!

We were staffed by meat pizzas, crazy hot pizzas, and vege pizzas.

We all hope that we will be able to feel the autumn and enjoy fall foliage quite soon.


Frederick Marvin said...

Wow!!! Pizzas!!! we were unlucky to have not caught up with the Pizza making since we arrive at the hostel late at night :(


waruida said...

After pizzas, it may be taco's turn.
Welcome to the appetitive autumn !

shizukadottocoms said...

It was delicious!!
Whoever missed this, it's a shame to let such an opportunity!! haha
We will have a next time for sure!!
Please come back to us,and join us!!

Next time will be TACO's party!!mmm
I cannot wait!!