Halloween Party at Kyoto Hana Hostel on the 31st of October

Hello everyone!!
How was your Halloween??

We had a wonderful, fantastic, fabulous Halloween party at Kyoto Hana Hostel.

Let's start with our coooooooolest Ninja!!
Watch out!! He is getting ready to hit a prey!!

Here is a famous yellow monster Picachu!!

She looks cute, but once you reach her, you will get burned with her special weapon 'electric shock'!!

These are famous OTAKU girls 'Japanese high school girl'.

This was one of the main big part of the party.
Japanese hand made tacos!!

Guests and stuff enjoyed tacos very much!! They were Yummy!!

OH NO!! He is going to hit BUDDHA!!!

NONONO, they were just goooooood friends.

Who is this?!
Do you know Ayanami Rei from the cartoon 'Evangelion'?

Well, anyways, “she” got nice ones!! LOL

『Whos is sexier?』

She has a pretty smile^^
Oh no!! Isn't he a famous mask-worn ninja wrestler?!

The guitarist!?
Look at that!! She got injured!!Famous Canadian track driver!!
But, still smiling!?

Did you know Buddha can play the guitar pretty well!!

Nice cloth from Morocco!!

He was the BUDDHA guitarist!!

Aren't they cute?

See!! Told ya!! He was getting ready to hunt!!

OHHHHHH NOOOOOO!! Picachu------!!!!! Help!! Help!!!

The best shot at Halloween party is...

All of us had a great time on that day!!
Our guests were brilliant!!
Tacos were incredibly delicious!!
Hope to see you all at Halloween party next year again!!

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