My pathway to becoming a rider

This Honda TRANSALP came from Italy, it took 5 months to get to Japan! wow
Made in Italy!! WowWow

Now I am studying at driving school to get a motorcycle license. I am trying to take 125cc-399cc class license.
Driving school has own course, and I need to take 19 hours of skill learnings, and 26 hours of classroom lectures. Today I took two class of lecture about traffic rules and a class of simulator. Tomorrow I will take three hours of emergency life guard classes. I am study at driving school because I will be excepted from taking technical exam at the department of vehicle if you have certificate from driving school. Just need to take paper exam.

I have already took 10 hours of technical lessons and 11 hours of classroom lecture.
I am just in a half way point.

I wish to have Ninja400R from Kawasaki, GSR 400 from Suzuki!!!

so start saving money<3

You can park your motorcycle for free at Hiroshima HANA Hostel since our manager has taken a round-the-world trip by motorcycle. Perhaps I'm following his way<3

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