Many foreigners are curious about this shop, and keep asking me what they sell.

.This is a lottery tickets shop. With the end of the year approaching, they start selling lottery tickets all around Japan.

The total amount of prizes of this “JAMBO annual lottery” is almost 300 million!!! (the biggest in Japan)

To tell you the truth, my father buys these tickets every year hoping to fullfil his dreams….LOL

........Could someone please stop him???

This is another picture of when we went to the TEMPRA restaurant,

The cook fried vegetables, mushrooms, or slice of fish or , beef in the way of Japanese cooking.

It was very nice to see him cook just in front of me and especially to be able to eat them while still hot.

There are 3 types of salt to put on it: green tea salt, rock salt and Chinese salt.


Would someone please help me stop eating??

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