Mt.Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi etc.

lots of things changed this years
This year was one of the most changeable years of my life.
getting better? I hope so!!!

We wish all of you have happy new year!!!

btw, I went to Yamanashi to meet my friend/sightseeing. He left for Minnesota,U.S. recently so I wanted to see what he was going on since his father passed away in this August. He had to came back to Japan last year due to his father's health condition. He told me that his father was terminal cancer already in last December. May he rest in peace.

I went to Kofu Sta.,Yamanashi by Shinkansen NOZOMI from Hiroshima-Nagoya, Shinkansen HIKARI Nagoya-Shizuoka, and Exp. FUJIKAWA Shizuoka-Kofu.

I was surprised that I saw really spectacular view when I was on FUJIKAWA.
You can see Mt.Fuji from that train.

After arriving at Kofu, we met together and rent a car.
and went to Lake Kawaguchi

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