When i work late until the reception is closed(10:00pm), we sometimes have free dinner from the guests is very lucky!!

One day, we had the guests Bruice and Emiline were really cheerful and fun couple from France.

They offered the French food “Ratatouille” It is made with slices of onion, eggplant, zucchini and Tomato.

The food is said that it is originally food for poor people in country-side in ancient times, they develop this food because those ingredients were cheap to get. But here in Japan, they are very expensive so it is not “the food for poor people”. It was incredibly delicious!! They served it with a glass of wine, but unfortunately I was not able to have wine with Ratatouille must be great.

Well, thank you so much for sharing dinner and wonderful time, Bruice and Emiline. I hope you have a great and safe trip around the world! I hope to you them next time again.

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