Gangi TAXI in Hiroshima♪

Hi!This spring is a little colder then last year.
It's becoming more and more like Spring...

Today,I want to introduce one my favorites activities in Hiroshima GANGI TAXI .
There are about 300 Gangi along the rivers in Hiroshima, they are stone stairways giving access to the water and were often used in the past as freight depots. A Gangi River Boat runs up and down the rivers and to the sea, and uses the Gangi for passenger access.

-Popular cruises and fares (depending on time and distance travelled):
Cruising around Peace Memorial Park 10 minutes 500 yen
Cruising around Kyobashi/Shukkeien area 10 minutes 500 yen
Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park to Hiroshima Ekimae
(near Hiroshima Station) 30 minutes 1500 yen
Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park to Seaside area
(long distance, higher speed) 35 minutes 2500 yen

Those pictures were taken from the river side.. such a nice scenery!!

I never knew the water taxi could be so much fun!!
I absolutely recommend GANGI TAXI when you visit the Hiroshima peace park!

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