Hello everyone--!!
Have you appreciated beautiful sakura trees this year?
Looking at fallen sakura petals make me feel little sad because that tells me a ending of spring, but on the other hand, that tells people summer is coming soon.
I want a lot of people to visit and feel these beautiful Kyoto spring.

Beautiful and elegant sakura trees!!

Sakura petals are floating on the surface of kamo river.

There are a lot of great guests at Kyoto Hana Hostel.
They come to Kyoto, Japan, to see and enjoy these brilliant spring.

I have met a very friendly and nice Spanish family from Israel.
Since I was not able to speak Spanish, they thought me some Spanish words to help a guest.
They also gave me a bright happy first greeting in the morning each day.
Here a message for people who suffered 3.11 earthquake from them.

They wrote massages in Spanish and Hebrew.

Thank you very much for coming here and keeping us on smiling everyday!!
Also... Happy Birthday!!!!
I definitely will visit you guys in Israel!!

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