Manga Cafe

It is the year of 'DRAGON' in Chinese astrological calendar.

Anyways, one of the thing that Japanese is so famous about and should be proud of is MANGA/ANIME. It is also known as a Japanese culture.
I have met a lot of MANGA fans from all over the world at Kyoto Hana Hostel. And I am one of them.
There is also a girl who is big fan of manga at Kyoto Hana Hostel. She sometimes talks about manga cafe and what manga is 'HOT' right now.
Finally She and I went to manga cafe the other day! I had not been there for a while, thus I was super surprised how fun place it was!!!
I know that a lot of people have mentioned about manga cafes on the internet already. But I could not not talk about it now!! Because I was totally astonished and had a fantastic time there.
We went to the one which locates around SHIJO KARASUMA area.

They have a different rank of seats such as counter seats and private sofa seats.
Seats price includes variety of unlimited refillable beverages such as pops coffees and soups.

We took a second cheapest seats.

It was very cozy and enough space to enjoy reading manga!!
I really really really liked their food varieties ! They have great choice of food with a great value!

My friend had a rice bowl with hamburg.

I had a toast. (I am a toast lover!!)

Ooooops!! What manga I had have been reading!? LOL

I had a really really great time even though we did not talk at all as if the other was not exist,and just kept concentrating on reading!!haha

Wish for your great year 2012!!


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