Last Friday, our first futsal competition was on in Kyoto!
The captain Aki(the owner of our J-hoppers and Hana Hostel) was the organizer of this event, gathered players and we were so ready for this! but ...he was strained his back just the day before....and eventually he became the coach of us(it was really first try of Sports event!!) .

Anyway, do you know what the "futsal" is? It is a very popular sports in Japan now, as "Inside soccer" . The players are about 5 vs 5 and the field is much smaller than usual soccer field. I would say that is"compact soccer ":)

Last friday, there was about 1o-14people in total so we had few break between games, was very hard running>< As we are the receptionist "sitting-down work" every day so do not have many chance to do exercise that made us difficult to keep running for 1-2hours!!

Even so, we had a so much fun together as you see pictures ↓↓↓

It started with AZUSA(the receptionist at the J-hoppers Kyoto)'s goal, and ended up with my goal (sorry i kicked the keeper's finger when i did!!) and in the middle, SHIZUKA made a fantastic goal with "fake" technique after her practicing with Shin is a young(?!) good player.
J-hoppers(Hana) girls Rock!!

Let me give the MVP of this competition to Clement(french guy on the right in the picture (left)).
He made a lot of goals and assists, everyone was amazed how good he was:) Is all french people good at soccer? Or is it because they have long legs?

I want to thank Aki and everyone for giving such a great time!! I am waiting for next time!!

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