chocolate fountain

Hello everyone.
I really cannot wait for the time of sakura (Japanese cherry blossoms)!
It is one of my favorite time in Kyoto!
However, there was another my favorite time this week!

It is a Chocolate fountain!!
Who hates chocolate?

There was WINE NIGHT at Kyoto Hana Hostel.
Beautiful lady at Kyoto Hana made sangria and ginger ale for that party. They also prepared some snacks such as Spanish omelette and Deep fried takoyaki!


It is a time for Chocolate!!

At the beginning, chocolate was not smooth enough then there was no fountain.
But with a MR.H's work, finally there got flows of Chocolate!! I was super excited even though it was little bit less dynamic than I expected.

Join us for this FUN moment next time!! We always wait for your stay!!

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