City Ride

Its getting warm day by day. I saw blooming Sakura on my way to Ramen place.

One day I though its enough warn to begin taking motorcycle, so I took a short ride to Mizushiri about 20 miles away from Hiroshima HANA Hostel.

It was such a nice weather!!! I took Ozu Lane heading for Kure and rode about 20 min. to Mizushiri.


It was so refreshing to sit down and doing nothing. I felt as if I was in San Francisco.
I was here about a few hours. I had relaxing time,

It is said Attention to Oysters!!
can hurt your feet!!!

Just finished loan payment!! Yay! I wanna goto Shikoku his year!!

The later on, I went to "Youki" a famous ramen place in Hiroshima. Hiroshima's ramen soup composed of Tonkotsu and soy sause. I like Tonkotsu ramen since I was born in Fukuoka where ramen soup is 100% tonkotsu. It was very difficult in Hiroshima to find good ramen place, but this was sooo good!

After ramen, I went to Onsen where it is about 10min ride from Hiroshima HANA.
I had really good relaxing day~

Running distance at this ride: 60km
Total running distance: 2865km

If you are coming to stay at Hiroshima Hana Hostel by motorcycle you can park for free!!

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