Ajisai Light up at Mimurotoji

It is in the midst of raining season in Kyoto.
Meantime, it is Ajisai (hydrangea flower) season in Japan.

There is a illumination event at Mimurotoji temple on the weekends during 11th of June to 26th of June.
My friends and I visited there to appreciate these beautiful flowers.

It was slightly raining when we arrived at Uji station.
We took bus to the closest bus stop, and then walked to the Mimurotoji temple.
As we walked to the ajisai garden, these flowers started to paper in our sight gradually.
Once we got into the garden, many colors of ajisai were blooming in a drizzle.

Look!! It's bigger than may palm!!

Cute heart shaped!!

Some people were taking pictures, some were fascinated with a beauty of the flower.
They are open at night only this period through the year.
You definitely should go and see this weekend!!!

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