Garakuta Ichi at Toji Temple

There are many flea markets are held in Kyoto every month.
Koubou-san (21st of every month at Toji Temple) and Tenjin-san (25th of every month at Kitanotenmangu) would be come to mind of people in Kyoto as they heard "flea market".
Or some recall Tedukuri ichi (15th of every month at Chionji Temple).

In June, I went to Garakuta ichi for the first time. Garakuta ichi is held on the first Sunday of every month. The place is the same as Koubou-san, but stalls participate the market are far less. The less stalls the less people. This was good for me because I went with 15th month old daughter.

There are various kinds of Japanese antiques such as kimonos, yukatas, pots and plates. And also you will see tons of garakuta (junk). They must be precious things for some people though.

Here are my favorite things. These carvings called Netsuke that are miniature sculptures. Netsuke were invented in 17th-century Japan to serve a practical function.... for further info..

Seems that my daughter likes playing the drum.

I recommend Garakuta Ichi for those who have kids and are not good with the crowd. This flea market is loungy.

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