classmate in high school

Oh my god!

I recently have experienced the very unbelievable episode.

here is the picture of it. ↓↓

Guess what, when i checked him in, I noticed that he was from Canada then we had a little conversation about the country where i was too.
Well.. i meet a lot of Canadian at the hostel, but he was a little bit special case. As we talk we found out that we were in the same city and lived in the same area..more than that,
amazingly we were from the same high school!!!

We didn't know each other at the school but we had some common friends. It was very nice to hear about the friends because i haven't been back to Canada since i graduated and i wasn't able to contact with the most of friends i knew.

I brought the year book next day, then we shared the memory about the high school days:)
Again, i was surprised that we were on the same page of 200pages in the year book


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