Trip to Sensui Island in Fukuyama city!

Hello, It has been really warm in Hiroshima these days.

I went to Sensui Island with my parents and husband last weekend for the late father's day.

We took a shinkansen (bullet train) from Hiroshima to Fukuyama.
It only took 30mins and from Fukuyama station, we took a bus to Tomonoura.
It also took about 30mins.

This is from the ferry port where we took a ferry from in Tomonoura.
The raccoon dog welcomed us when we were walking on the Island!!

We stayed in the Island for one night. They served us a gorgeous fresh fish and shrimps.
We grilled them on the charcoal!

Whilst you are having great dinner, they played a Japanese drum for us!
The drumbeat still linger in my heart. It was fantastic moment!!

We went for a short walk on the 2nd day on the Island.
There are so many beaches and many people were fishing.

This is from one of the look out point.
It was too hot to do hiking, so we just went to this one but there are more places where you can hike up and see more great view from top of the mountain.
You can rent a sea kayak and go to another Islands. Most of the Islands are uninhabited.

It was nice to get out of crowded city even for a day!!
I am glad that all of my families had a good time together!

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