Okonomimura Hassyo

Okonomiyaki- a famous food in Hiroshima. Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki is quite different from Osaka style Okonomiyaki. You will see the way of cooking is pretty different. Chefs are usually well trained, so you can see quite sophisticated cooking process. Its like a performance.

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki is composed of crepe-like skin(flour,), egg, noodle,cabbage, and pork. Adding cheese, squid, shrimp, or shiso leaves are recommended for extra.

They cost about 600 yen -

In downtown Hiroshima, there is a place called "Okonomimura"
Okonomiyaki village in English.

Its in a building composed of 24 okonomiyaki restaurants in three floors.
We went one of them called Hassyo.

It takes about 15 min. to serve, so you will be waiting with beer and appetizer like "Tonpei Yaki"

Having Okonomiyaki with beer is sooooo good. Definitely recommended.

Okonomimura Website (English)


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