Kyoto Food Market

Nishiki Market is located in the middle of Knoto city and best spot to get souvenirs and you can see a lot of unique Japanese food and ingredients. This market is the oldest Market in Kyoto. The first store opened at early 1311.

This Market is 130m long,many stores sell Japanese pickles which is flavored in different ways. The vegetables are sold at the Market are mostly produced in Kyoto. Even a pumpkin is pickled!!
If you visit there you might be surprised how colorful those pickles are. Red, yellow,Green, orange,White and so on..

This is "Mame" shop. Mame means "beans" in Japanese.
I like pictures that elderly couple own their shop together at the Market、touches my heart.

This is the candy shop!! i personally recommend the japanese candies for souvenirs because some candies made as Japanese traditional flower and toys.

Roasted (Boiled?)baby Octopus !!
The small egg is inside of the octopus head. What a funny idea!
I have tried once, it tasted gread but... i felt sorry for biting their head :(

Other than those shops, there are famous japanese iron knives store and of course TO-FU stores represents Kyoto City! This market also has shelter so it is good to go when it is raining.

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Sierramay said...

It is always interesting to shop at a Japanese market because some of the goods there are peculiar. I have tasted a roasted octopus once and I think it is now one of my favorite seafood.

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