Santa Claus @ Kyoto Station

Merry Christmas★

Although I do not have enthusiasm for Christmas that much individually, Christmas is one of the bi events for kids so we went to meet Santa Claus coming from Finland on the 24th.

The huge Christmas tree installed under the grand staircase of Kyoto Station. Wakasa Seikatsu which is well known as the product company of Blue Berry Eye. Since it was an outdoor event, it was very cold, but the staff were very kind to give hand warmers to the audience.

A petit concert played before Santa Claus appearance. From the right, guitar, accordion and nyckelharpa. Nyckelharpa is a traditional musical instrument of Sweden. It combines both of keyboard and stringed instrument's characters. It was a wonderful tone.

Santa Claus appearance! He took along a blond beauty (elf). He can speak Japanese a little and occasionally say jokes in Japanese. He plays the fool about the color of famous reindeer's nose, was is white ? blue ? or black? and kids tell him the color.

Ceremonial photography. Our daughter is in her favorite strawberry beanie having become tense to see the real Santa Claus even though she calls "Santa-san" whenever she finds vinyl Santa Claus in town. She refused to approach closer stubbornly.... Handshaking and a hug will subjects for next year.

By the way, we are planning to do rice-cake making in the traditional way on the 4th January.

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