Spain trip -madrid and sansebastioan-

It has been freezing cold out side...
I hope you had a great white Christmas!

After I returned from Spain,I required 1 week to get over my jet lag...
but I enjoyed Spain so much!!this is my first trip to Spain.it was fantastic!!
I was a little anxious about traveling alone,but it was fantastic!!Spanish people are so friendly and kind,I love them!

I took about 13hours from Japan to instable and about 3 hours from Instable to Madrid.
It was a long way...I knew so well how our guest feels..

I went directly to the hostel at Plasa Mayol in Madrid.I could see Plasa Mayol in my room.

Then I walked around ,sol,church,royal palace..I found such a beautiful place in Madrid.

I spent 2 days in Madrid then I went to Sebastian to meet my friends INAKI and IVAN.
They showed me around the town and took me to montigerud.It takes abotu 20 min to the top by cable car.this picture was taken from the top.

I had a lot of PINCHO there, I went to about 5 bar to have different kinds PInchos.

I took some pictures of a sunset, I have never seen a such a beautiful sanest in Japan.

I have a lot of recommendations in Sebastian.so please feel free to ask me anytime about it.

I was so happy to be there and I spent a great my birthday with my great friends.

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Sierramay said...

Spain really has so many beautiful places worth visiting. I hope I can tour Madrid and San Sebastian too someday. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos.

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