My sweet home :)

Hello, it's Yuko.

I have been moved into my new house about a month ago with my husband.
The new house used to be my family home and it is about 65 years old.
So it is actually not a NEW house but we renovated some places such as windows, walls and floors.
We repainted the wall and polished the floor. They look really clean now!

It does look really new to me after renovation.
I feel like I'm living in the different house to where I used to live.
Of cause I have got new furniture and a sweet brand new husband.
Probably, that's why! lol

Since we moved in, we couldn't get much sleep because our house is located right next to the JR train lines so we get many small earthquakes when train pass through. And it is very noisy like thunder rumbling above our head. 

It took us about 2 weeks to sleep with it and now we get good night sleep in the cozy house.
I'm planning to have a nice flower garden in the spring!
I have got a Daisy in the pot :)
Which flower should I plant next?? Tulip, Marguerite, Pansy etc.... What is your favorite flower?

I would love to have colorful Japanese garden!!

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