Setsubun Party

How is your February going?

Japanese custom has a lot of events through the year.
Now, February has a day of 'Setsubun'.
Setsubun, in short, is the day before of Spring begins. It is related to lunar calender. On that day, we throw beans to cleans away evils. Also we eat beans of the number of your age to have a good year.

After lunch break, team Hana went to shopping for the party.

We had two staff whom birthday were coming soon.
That's why we were going to make birthday cakes!!

Kyoto Hana staff and Kyoto J-Hoppers staff♪♪

Interacting with other guests are great!!!

Now, time to try to make rolled sushi!!
Put seaweed first, and put rice on it, and...

This was her first time to make rolled sushi!!

It is a custom that when you eat rolled shushi on Setsubun day, you have to face to the restrictive direction which changes every year, and you are not supposed to talk until you finish eating.

One of the biggest event for Sestubun party is throwing beans to ogres!!
Look, they have a fantastic Japanese ogre costume!!

Birthday boy, Ucchi--!!
Happy Birthday!!

Birthday girl, Naomi!!
She just got back from the Philippines!!
Happy Birthday!!

Everybody, say 'cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze'!!

Thank you very much for all guests and staff!!
I cannot wait for the next event!!

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