Ride to Sera town

Hello this is Hayateru from Hiroshima Hana Hostel. I recently took a ride to Sera town to visit flower gardens.

Sera is located about 20km north from Onomichi(starting of Shimanami-kaido) and famous for large scale of flower gardens. I visited tulip and lily gardens at this ride. 

At this ride I used express way so it took about 2 hours from Downtown Hiroshima. I visited Tulip gardens(Sera kougen noujou/世羅高原農場) first. About 700,000 tulips were overwhelming.
This garden will be a sea of sunflower in summer and Dahlia in autumn. After that I went to Lily garden(Sera yurien/世羅ゆり園). Half million of Lilies and a number of Violas also made me astounded.
I went though new express way called "flight road" that connects Hiroshima airport to Sera town. I used express way at this ride so my Ninja engine condition is good. I think fuel consumption should be more than 30km per litter.That was refreshing ride.
Running distance at this ride: 314km
Total running distance: 3100km

Sera kougen noujou/世羅高原農場 http://sera.ne.jp/
Sera yurien/世羅ゆり園 http://www.serayurien.com/

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